way to go Susan

Laurel Spear Bernstein lbernstein at isisph.com
Wed Nov 27 13:06:12 EST 1996

Dianna L. Bourke wrote:
> Hi All,
> I was just browsing through my most recent issue of the American Society
> for Cell Biology Newsletter and realized that the ASCB profiled Susan
> Forsburg this month, who is a frequent contributor to this list. The
> article also indicated that she has won the ASCB Junior Career Recognition
> Award this year. Way to go Susan.		
Hear hear!! I was also pleased to recognize that familiar name 
(and see a picture attached, no less). Congratulations, Susan!
> By the way, is anyone else going to the ASCB meetings? 

I'll be there for the first day or two, but unofficially- I'll be 
the one hanging around the exhibits with 2 little boys ;-). Since 
I'm no longer in research (but still in science- I'm a patent 
agent) I use it as an opportunity to see old friends and keep up 
with people and science. Unfortunately I'm leaving before the 

Laurel Bernstein
Isis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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