way to go Susan

Dianna L. Bourke dlb17 at PSU.EDU
Tue Nov 26 21:11:22 EST 1996

Hi All,

I was just browsing through my most recent issue of the American Society
for Cell Biology Newsletter and realized that the ASCB profiled Susan
Forsburg this month, who is a frequent contributor to this list. The
article also indicated that she has won the ASCB Junior Career Recognition
Award this year. Way to go Susan.

I have always been impressed with the quality and plain good sense of her
comments on the list and the understanding she shows towards nervous young
scientists and the potentially unemployed. I was also intrigued to learn
about her love of theatre as I minored in theatre myself and continue to
design and make costumes for our campus productions (I thought I was the
only crazy one!)

By the way, is anyone else going to the ASCB meetings? I will be at the
WICB luncheon, anyone else gonna be there?

Dianna Bourke
Penn State Hazleton

Dianna L. Bourke
Penn State Hazleton

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