bad rec's and bad luck

Tetro Kelly L 4klt5 at
Thu Nov 28 09:26:56 EST 1996

Cindy Hale (chale at SAGE.NRRI.UMN.EDU) wrote
: I am completely sick of hearing (reading) all the whining that goes on 
: about "poor us" having to try to manuever around this shark pond of egos 
: and politics.  Well, you chose it!  If you are in pursuit of knowledge and 
: truely interested in what you are doing then who cares what others think!  
: BUT, if you are in pursuit of academic credentials and a "good" job then, 
: welcome to the game.

Here, Here Cindy!!! I fully agree with you. Thank you for saying it so

We make choices and we are responsible for them. That's Life.


PS. Julie, please adjust your line length. Your posts get cut off at my
end and I cannot read your opinion.

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