Information re:employment

Carrie Mulligan cmulliga at
Thu Oct 3 07:18:57 EST 1996

	I realize this may not be the right group but I desparately need 
help in gathering some information.
	The situation is that I will graduate with a BSc in Microbiology 
in Dec/96.  My daughter has an opportunity to train with a coach just 
outside of Tampa Bay, Florida.  We are Canadian and I would like to know 
if anyone knows of either labs that hire in the Tampa Bay area or an 
Employment Recruiter that operates in the science field.
	I have a College diploma in Biological Science Technology, a 
University degree in Microbiology, ten years of management experience and 
am currently working in the Pathobiology Department of the Ontario Vet. 
College to gain more experience.
	Please forward any information you may have to cmulliga at

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