Babies in grad school- another 2cents

Dr. Paula J. Schlax pjschlax at JHUVMS.HCF.JHU.EDU
Tue Oct 15 13:55:52 EST 1996

I had my first daughter as a graduate student.  I was fiishing writing
my thesis and I defended a couple of months after she was born.   My
husband, working in the same lab, finished about a year after she was
born.  For us, I think it was a great time.  Our schedules were
flexible, our boss was supportive and we wanted to start our families
while we were young.  A lot of people I know who wait until they are in
their mid thirties (a reasonable time estimate of being done with grad
school, post-docs and finally finding a real job) have had trouble
conceiving, and are worried about greater health risks.  We wanted to
avoid that.  On the down side, money and time are really tight- sick
days take a lot away from research, and we expect we'll take a little
longer as postdocs than if we were childless.  

I must add, my husband is very involved in every step.  We split Sarah's
sick days, diapers and all of the other household chores.  Its
absolutely essential.....


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