Babies of graduate students in biology

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Wed Oct 16 13:20:56 EST 1996

Deb Britt wrote:
>  Having a baby changes
> your life more than you can imagine, and having a supportive boss can make
> a huge difference.  It would also be nice if grad schools considered this
> issue, and had in place defined guidelines regarding maternity leaves,
> insurance, etc.  

A lot of students and postdocs are paid
by their PI's grants.  What happens to them if they take 3 months
off for maternity?  Or six months?  I'm really curious about this--
 I can see several sides to this question.  If I were paying someone
my grant to do the work, and the work werent getting done, then
I'd be in trouble, no matter how supportive I want to be.  Does
NIH have a policy?  on its training grants? What about other
fellowhsp agencies?  As I recall, in
theory they don't even allow you to take vacations....part of 
which I think reflects the idea that grants and fellowships "do
not constitute an employer/employee relationship" and are really more
like contracts to self-emplyed consultants for getting stuff done.

Us academics, we're just freelance vagabond scholars...   ;-)

-- susan

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