Tips re NSF bio postdoc?

Una Smith una at
Sun Oct 20 20:07:47 EST 1996

If you've applied for the NSF's biology postdoctoral fellowship
(aka 94-114), especially if your proposal was funded, I'd like to
hear any advice you'd care to give.  I am not sure of the purpose
of some statements in the program description:

1. "a statement of how the proposed research plan helps to enhance
   the the applicant's scientific experience and perspectives in
   bioscience related to the environment"

Is this a test of whether the research is a new direction for the
applicant, or a test of whether the research has relevance to the
"environment", or both?

Is "environment" intended as a field distinct from biomedical or
agricultural research, which are funded by other agencies, or is it
a call for projects on popular environmental problems?

2. "the primary factors in selecting the proposed fellowship
   institution and sponsoring scientist."

What do they want to know here?  If the institution and sponsor are
appropriate?  Or if they are the *most* appropriate?

3. "Do not provide explicit experimental details, but rather a 
   clear statement of objectives and approaches to accomplish them."

This sounds like an absolutely minimal methods section is expected.
How does one provide a clear statement that is not also explicit?



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