the NIH 32P poisoning incident/having kids

Chong Jue Lipke at
Tue Oct 22 14:49:05 EST 1996

Ellie Ettehadieh wrote:

> Hi Sarah,
> I was recently at a meeting in CSL, I met with a scientist who was from NIH
> and he said that apparently the supervisor had nothing to do with the
> poisoning.  He  was saying that (rummor has it) it was the husband who had
> done it because he knew that the baby was going to be a girl and since
> chinese nationals can only have one baby he wanted his wife to abort the
> girl baby so that they can have a boy.
> He seemed pretty sure about this.
> Ellie.


That is pretty heavy stuff.  Are you really responding to what Sarah Boomer was 

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