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Wed Sep 4 10:14:36 EST 1996

Sarah L. Pallas wrote:
>  Patricia W. Cash, cash at writes:
> >Maybe I am underestimating the ability of people to twist the term
> >"scientific evidence", but if scientific evidence must be presented; I
> >don't see how religion will enter into the teaching.  I don't see how
> the
> >Genesis account of creation could ever be proven - none of us were
> there.
> In San Diego there is the Institute for Creation Research, headed at my
> last look by Duane Gish.  They do what they consider to be research to
> gather scientific evidence for special creation and against an old
> earth/evolution.  They publish prolifically- in their own journals and
> books.  They think or at least claim that their research is valid- but if
> course it is difficult to do real science with untestable hypotheses.
> Most of their work consists of attempts to disprove evolutionary theory
>  Even when creationists
> and biologists get together for debate, it is difficult for the biologist
> to be convincing because the creationists don't use logic in their
> arguments, whereas scientists are bound to use logic and a lot of
> complicated concepts to explain their position.  I have seen Duane Gish
> debate Richard Lewontin, and Gish is very SMOOTH.

There is a certain irony to their location given the concentration
of biologists in San Diego... Although I understand they did take
over one of the area school boards.  I was told about that when
I moved here.

The anti-evolution forces do seem to have a very smooth media 
presence.  Some time ago I was channel surfing at a poor TV time 
(late on Saturday afternoon or something) and stumbled across a 
creationist propaganda TV show with Charlton Heston, I think, 
discussing the creationist dogma. Footprints and that.
 It was on a local tv station, I think a network affiliate
  (okay, so it is San Diego, again) and it was thoroughly repulsive. 
 It was broadcast as though it were real--very smooth, as you 
would see a nature documentary, with an air of authority that is 
of course entirely spurious.    I only watched a couple of minutes, 
which I regret because I should  have watched the whole disgusting 
thing and written a letter of irate complaint to the station.

I've found this thread very interesting....I hadnt thought before of
what has been pointed out, that creationists only support their
version of creation, even.  But let's face it, there's
a real tendency in the US these days to deny religious or social
or intellectual  freedom at all if it disagrees with Christian
fundamentalists.  (Do you suppose Pat Buchanon is a creationist?)
I have met people who teach in denominational colleges and they 
have told me that many of their students refuse to even consider
alternative points of view;  they don't need to hear anything about
evolution becuase they already know "it isnt right".  Their minds 
are COMPLETELY closed.  How can we fight against that?

speaking for myself,

Susan L Forsburg PhD
MBVL, The Salk Institute
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