creation in the schools/pseudoscience

Wed Sep 4 12:14:21 EST 1996

>   This is the kind of "evidence" that gets debated ad nauseum once you
>start talking about "creation science."  It's not the kind of thing I
>would generally want schools wasting their time on, although I think 
>kind of training in media scepticism, in this age of "X-files" and 
>Autopsy," would be invaluable.  

There was a nice piece on NPR a few months ago about a group, I believe 
it was called "The Society for the Investigation of Paranormal 
Phenomenon" which, despite the suggestive title, was set up by several 
logical thinkers (mathematicians, philosophers, scientits and such) to 
critically review such reports as human spontaneous combustion, crop 
circles, etc.  They publish a newsletter which sounded like good 
reading.  However, the details escape this old brain at the moment.  Can 
anyone fill them in?
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