Research Assistantship - 4yrs - Molecular Phylogenetics

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Thu Sep 12 10:04:42 EST 1996


Research Assistant

Molecular Systematics

Department of Zoology, The Natural History Museum, London

A post is available from 1st December 1996 (possibly earlier) for a =

Research Assistant working on a Wellcome Trust funded project entitled: =

=B3The evolution of parasitism in the Platyhelminthes: a combined =

morphological and molecular phylogenetic approach=B2.  The project will =

have been running for a year and will be running for a further 4 years.  =

The post is ideally suited to candidates with 2 or 3 years postgraduate =

experience in a molecular laboratory.  The majority of the work is =

routine sequencing (setting up reactions for an ABI 373 automated =

sequencer) and skills in DNA extraction and gene amplification are =

critical.  An ability to work with small amounts of DNA and to =

troubleshoot PCR and sequencing reactions would be of benefit.  =

Candidates with these skills and a further interest in molecular =

phylogenetics and evolution, or even flatworms, are encouraged to apply.  =

Experience in manipulating and analysing molecular sequence data would =

also be an advantage.  Postdoctoral candidates who fit these criteria =

and who may wish to change research direction towards phylogenetics or =

parasitism are welcome to apply if they can demonstrate a commitment to =

the project.

We have a number of collaborative ventures established and the project =

has momentum which we would like to maintain.  The salary is set at the =

national Research Assistant Grade 1B level (pounds sterling 16,451 - =

18,120, inclusive of London Weighting Allowance).  Some funds are =

available for travel but there are no funds available for relocating.

The existing Research Assistant (RA) will be returning home to Australia =

and shortlisted candidates will be encouraged to contact her for the =

=8Cinsider=B9s view=B9.   It is hoped there will be an overlap of 2 weeks =

between the incoming and outgoing RAs but this is negotiable.  =

Interested candidates should contact me at the address below (from 1st =

September).  Applicants should submit  a curriculum vitae, a covering =

letter and the names, addresses and telephone numbers of at least 2 =


Closing date for this position: October 31st 1996.


Dr. Tim Littlewood
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