Role model for Women in Science

Diane Finegood finegood at
Thu Sep 26 17:15:14 EST 1996

I've been given the task of speaking to a group of high school counsellors
about women in science.  I was asked to do this as I am viewed as a good
role model.  While I know how to be a role model, speaking about it is
another matter!

I've decided that I will approach the task by presenting the group with
lists of who I am, who I was and who were my role models.  Since I am only
one small subset of what a woman in science looks like I would like to
compile a list of how other women in science view themselves.  If you would
like to help, please send me your list of answers to the following.  "I am
a...",  "I was a..."  "My role models were..."  My own lists are given below
as an example.

All responses will be kept confidential; I will only collate the lists and
present them in some fashion to the group.  I will also publish the results
on this list.  I would prefer you send these to my own email address rather
than the group since I find my access to the posts in this group painfully
slow.  If you send them back to the group please copy the response to
finegood at  It would also help if you keep each item one to a line so
that it is easier to copy and paste into my spreadsheet.

Thanks to those who will help.  You might find the exercise quite fun.
Please send you responses by Oct 1.

Who am I?  I am.....

Diane T. Finegood, PhD	
Associate Professor of Kinesiology
diabetes research scientist
partner of 8 years
movie lover
world traveler
workshop/meeting organizer
dish washer
data analyst
dog walker
house sitter
reader (mysteries, thrillers, sci-fi)
Tupperware fanatic
very busy
hard worker

Who was I?  I was a......

biology and math keener
track team member
carnival organizer
know-it-all (or at least more than my teachers!)
member of the ecology club
Science Fair contestant
dancer (ballroom)
TV producer
band member
Theater usher/candy seller

Who were my role models?

biology teacher
my mother
Cagney & Lacy
debate coach

Diane T. Finegood, PhD
Associate Professor
School of Kinesiology
Simon Fraser University
Kinesiology, Room K9625
Burnaby, BC  V5A 1S6

Phone:  604-291-3319
FAX:    604-291-3040
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