Women in Science poll responses

JuneKK junekk at aol.com
Mon Sep 30 07:27:14 EST 1996

<<One thing that strikes me is that there is a clear division
between a relatively large group who  see some problems, and a
 steady about 25% who don't.  Did you collect any data about the 
ages/stages of the respondents?>>

Although this was  not specifically asked in the poll questions, there did
not appear to be a correlation between age and the type of responses
given.  This  was not statistically evaluated, however.

 Mark.Camara at Helsinki.fi wrote:
 While I do not want to deny that there have been and still are
> gender-based problems in the academic community, I would like to caution
> against using such non-scientific sources of "evidence" to either fan
> the flames of a partially extinguished fire or to maintain the walls
> between men and women in science when we should all be working to tear
> them down.

This poll was not meant to be presented as a "well-controlled" study to
provide such evidence, but rather, to generate discussion in a topic which
needs to be clearly addressed.  For me, it has never been the point to
become known for example, as the best WOMAN scientist, but rather the best
SCIENTIST I can be. Unfortunately, this may not be possible when there are
still such subtle yet very prevalent decisions that are made SOMETIMES due
to gender.  This is what needs to clarified in a forthright and clear

>With all due respect and at the risk of being flamed, I
> suggest that the best way for women to succeed in science and to gain
> equal footing with men is to try to de-emphasize gender in all important
> aspects of scientific endeavor..

That would be fine, if both men and women scientists could do this ---that
is the point!  By the way, thanks for your input - I am sure (and hope)
that you will not get flamed for your comments!


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