The Experience of Grad School in the Sciences

SciAuthor sciauthor at
Sat Apr 5 12:19:42 EST 1997

I am an author interested in writing both about science and the experience
of doing scientific research.   I am also a graduate student in the
natural sciences at a US university.   I am currently working on a
fictionalized, but fact based, book about the experience of being a
graduate student in the natural/physical sciences and, since I would like
to make the book a good reflection of all the facets of grad school, I
would like to include as many people’s experiences as possible.

As a result, I would like the stories and experiences of anyone who is, or
was recently, a science graduate student at a US university.  Stories
could be about yourself--about the trill when the science works, about the
pain when it doesn’t, about the “unique” power & professional relationship
between a research advisor and student, about trying to keep up a life or
relationship outside the lab, about gender issues in science, etc.  Or
stories could be the folklore that circulates in every lab--the grad
student who worked so hard that he slept under his desk or the post-doc
who was so dangerous he blew up 2 fume hoods, etc.  I would appreciate
anything that can help me paint a more complete and real picture, for a
general reading audience, of the people and situations that make cutting
edge science happen.

All experiences will be altered and fictionalized.  No names will be
named, no identities will be divulged.

Please pass on this request to any colleagues who might be interested or
have contributions to make.

Address all replies to SciAuthor at

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