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Cindy Hale chale at SAGE.NRRI.UMN.EDU
Mon Apr 7 11:47:22 EST 1997

"SciAuthor" asked for stories about the 'thrill and pain of science when it 
works and doesn't' and gossipy stuff like relationships in the lab etc.

How 'bout stories of working in the field for 13 plus years but, due to the 
utter lack of value that society puts on your work, never being able to 
find a job which pays a living wage or is non-seasonal or with any 
benefits.  I am not a slacker.  I have an M.S. and expertise in botany, 
forest ecology, and ecosystems ecology.  I am well respected in the 
academic community for my work and even in the state and federal natural 
resources management circles.  In fact, I have spoken to several agencies 
this spring who would LOVE to have me on board. BUT THERE IS NO MONEY!  The 
best most can offer is an entry level title and $8-9/hr.  Meanwhile, the 
administrators are getting huge raises in academic and governmental 
institutions.  They make decisions without any background or expertise in 
an area and some even go so far as to attack you if you try to share your 
expertise with them. So, after job searching for over 6 months and being 
cut off without warning from the project I expected to be on through June, 
I will be taking a manual labor job which pays MORE than any job I have 
held in the last 13 years.

I am angry.  I have worked, for almost nothing, for 13 years and have 
nothing to show for it, not even the thanks or respect of the society I 

Cindy Hale

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