Cindy's So Long, a reprive

Cindy Hale chale at SAGE.NRRI.UMN.EDU
Thu Apr 10 12:40:43 EST 1997

Well after a few days to let the emotion settle (after finding out I was 
out of a job), I felt I needed to give follow-up to my recent editorial on 
the state of science and lack of money and lack of value by society...

While all I said I still believe to be true, I realize that I knew all of 
that long ago and I knew there was a high likelihood that I would spend 
much, if not all of my life scrambling for low paying jobs AND I still 
chose this path, AND I would do it again.  

I think about this in the context of people talking about what they should 
or should not tell students to do with their futures.  My two cents... we 
should NOT tell students what they should or should not do.  For example, 
"yes, go into science because it is stimulating and interesting and ..." or 
"no, don't go into science because there are no jobs and...".  It is up to 
each student/person to decide for themselves what they are and are not 
willing to accept in their lives.  It is our job, as mentors, to 1) give 
them as much information as we can about the realities, good and bad, of a 
profession they are considering and 2) ask them questions about what it is 
they want in their lives, what is important to them? Money, family, 
intellectual stimulation, stability, a certain lifestyle, etc.  Ask them 
these questions so that they can discover for themselves what will be best 
for their lives. 3) then to let them make thier own decisions.  

This is not to say we should not give support to students in terms of 
helping them build up self-esteem, if they lack it, by showing them 
that they have aptitude and/or the intellectual ability to do science and 
be a scientist if they want to.  Even if, down the road they decide to take 
another path.

I will be around for another couple weeks (my advisor felt guilty so came 
up with a little more money, don't get me wrong he has been a GREAT 
supporter and advocate for me, it was all just a very sucky situation that 
caught us both by surprise).  It has been great to be a part of this 
newsgroup and I will miss it as I move on.  

Thanks again to everyone for your words of support!

Cindy Hale

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