Re. so long....

Karen Wheless wheless at
Fri Apr 11 10:03:47 EST 1997

At least in some places, it is changing a little.  Our school is
reducing the size of its grad school.  However, they're not doing it by
reducing the number of first year students (where would they get TA's
for intro classes?).  Instead, they're cutting off funding for third or
fourth year students.  Survival of the "fittest"?  Eventually the word
will filter down, I hope.

However, I don't think that science is alone in this.  I graduated from
college in 1992, and very few of my friends (from many different fields)
have "career" jobs.  Most of them are answering phones, waiting tables,
collecting unemployment or are perpetually in grad school - and paying
for it.  Science professors are just the last to pass the news on to
their students - unlike, say, history professors, who are usually pretty
blunt about unemployment in their field.  I picked my field within
chemistry based in part on what the best job opportunities were,
although this seems alien to too many science advisors.


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