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some deletion here.. 
> And maybe this is more to the point.  When you all are feeling really low
> and really down in the dumps, because maybe you haven't produced as much
> as you feel you should have or because you are having to deal with surly
> creeps....(and I mean surly creeps beyond all comprehension!)....  What
> are the ways you all talk yourself back into being positive and up-beat
> and motivated to keep on working?
>                         Alice

Dear Alice-

I am in a post-doc where I am trapped in a room all day with some people
who could definitely fit into that surly creep category!  My strategy so
far is to exercise every day so my anxiety level in general is lower.  I'm
also trying to go to more seminars in other departments so I knwo people
outside of the lab taht I enjoy being with.  I'm making progress but ti
doesn't go away overnight.  I'm not sure how you can fix the situation in
the short term.  If your situation is like mine, you're dependent on what
else has happened to these people that day to either put them into a good
mood or an even surlier one.  MAybe someone else has a good answer for
us.  I"ve also gotten a portable CD palyer with earphones to block out
sound and listen to pleasant music.  If you take this route be sure to get
earphones that block noise- the first set I got soemohow magnified room
noise so I had to fork over more money to get what I wanted.  Does your
obss/advisor care about the atmosphere there?  If possible maybe you
couldmention it (if he/she isn't the problem) and point otu taht bad
atmosphere can really cut into productivity.


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