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Tue Apr 15 22:01:39 EST 1997

Dear Alice,

Isn't this group just wonderful?  There is an outpouring of sympathy
and it even made me feel that despite whatever issues are ongoing
(pay, future opps, etc) we still support each other.  The music idea
is great and I also use it.  But most of the people in my lab love
loud music so we all have CD's that we bring in, which we play on the
boombox.  It helps socially too.  I did have a friend that wore
earphones and I felt uncomfortable about it.  It seemed like she was
trying to "tune" us out.

Ups and downs in the lab seem to happen to the best of us.  Sometimes
projects work out and sometimes they don't.  I think a support system
is important and widening your scientific and social contacts helps.
Or you could allow yourself one day of "wallowing" in it.  Then -
shoulders back - start again.  I also tend to ruminate and the more I
think about things - the blacker they get.  Real Genius is one of my
favourite movies too and I still laugh at it after having watched it
at least 10 times.  It also reminds me of the excitement in doing
science.  Try to escape a little - read a book for fun (for a change
:-) go to a movie - just get your mind off it.

But I also agree with some of the others - if it goes on too long, you
must seriously think about what staying in this lab is doing to you
both career-wise and emotionally.  Remember - you have to take care of
yourself first.

Cheer up Alice - we care.

Liz Head

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