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Wed Aug 6 17:11:35 EST 1997

JFRUGOLI at BIO.TAMU.EDU ("Julia Frugoli") wrote:
> Anyone hear the news report on NPR yesterday about the cyber 
> "terrorists" who set about over the past few days to cancel all the 
> SPAMS coming to the newsgroups  from UUnet?  Apparently UUnetfeels this 
> informal association of hackers has no right to cancel SPAMS and intend 
> to prosecute these people to the full extent of the law.  I have no idea 
> what the full extent of the law is, but this is one "terrorist" action I 
> can agree with.  (The president of UUnet applied the word terrorist to 
> it).

Um, "terrorists"?  "Informal association of hackers"?  That's
pretty funny.  The so-called hackers are system administrators.
I love the way the media always gets both sides of the story...

AFAIK, UUnet has been given the Usenet Death Penalty (UDP).  Until
they clean up their spam act (half a million a week, supposedly),
all traffic from UUnet will be refused by servers whose admins agree
to follow the UDP (i.e., honor its cancel advisories).  UUnet's
objections seem, to me at least, like those of a phone salesman who
feels he has a "right" to speak to you at dinnertime whether you
want to listen or not.  Or maybe, with all the "sex spam" spewing
from UUnet, an obscene phone caller is a more apt comparison.  ;-)
Even worse, you have to pay for the disk space and access time.

Several media stories about it can be found at:

Or you can read the nefarious terrorists themselves plotting at  Particularly the thread "UUnet
UDP in Force".  Some good discussion and debate there.

"Prosecute to the fullest extent of the law"...<chuckle>.
If anyone ever successfully sued to stop all spam cancels,
Usenet would disintegrate instantly.  Besides, they can't
stop cancel advisories originating from outside the U.S.

- Chris
Christine C. Raasch, Ph.D.
Sensory Motor Performance Program
Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

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