postdoc disparity

Cynthia M. Galloway c-galloway at TAIU.EDU
Tue Aug 12 11:46:47 EST 1997

When I postdoced 10 years ago, I was more interested in the lab and project
than the money.  We had the same concerns as those posted here and there was
talk of Unionizing but, since a post-doc was a temporary position, you were
out of it before any action such as that could take place.  A post-doc was
looked upon as an extension of ones education and if you made enough money
to support yourself that was all that was necessary.  I understand that more
and more people are having to take multiple postdocs but, if your in Science
for the money, you picked the wrong profession.  Many NIH postdocs make more
than I do as an Associate professor at a small school but, it's the choice I

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