postdoc disparity

Gina Berardesco gbe392 at
Thu Aug 14 15:08:10 EST 1997

aloisia schmid (a-schmi at wrote:
>      And while I am on this tangent, let me ask this.  In biology, how
> many single men are there after graduate school levels?  Hardly any!  and
> how many women are single at the same level?  Tons.  I believe that one of
> the reasons money gets to be an issue at this stage is that men can afford
> to not care so much because they are married to women who are
> supplementing the income and who are also doing most of the home-stuff. 
> Including the kids.  Whereas the women are having to struggle along on one
> salary that is woefully inadequate.  And the women whoa re married to men
> with good salaries clearly do not have the same financial concerns.  

Great post! (mostly snipped) 
I just wanted to add that women who marry men with steady jobs and good
salaries are unlikely to be able to move across the country on a regular
basis, which seems to be required in order to get a chance at an academic

At least so it seems, from reading this group and talking with friends.


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