postdocs -- ask your mentor

Judith Gibber jrg43 at
Fri Aug 15 18:34:38 EST 1997

On 15 Aug 1997, Diane Carlisle wrote:
> This is all interesting stuff, but one major problem (IMHO) that none of
> this addresses is the fact that many people are forced to do more than one
> post-doc before they get that "real" position.  Most solutions like this
> will both prejudice the system against those people that don't find a
> position immediately after a 1-2 year post-doc, and (at least initially)
> put more people in competition for the limited number of postions out
> there.

Right, but many of those people will not find the position they want after
5-6 years of postdoc either.  They will seek some other type of job.
It may be kinder in the long run to make them aware of that sooner.

> I wouldn't be so concerned about the immediate problem of no money in the
> wallet as a post-doc, if I felt like if was limited to certain length of
> time.  But, with as common as multiple post-docs have become, my 
> perception is that it can last almost indefinately.  

Right, that was my point.  A low-paid postdoc is fine -- as long as it 
is short-term.

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