Any options besides a postdoc?

Natarajan Sundaresan Sundarbindu at
Fri Aug 15 14:33:58 EST 1997

Helloo Every one,

	After reading such dismal views about the postdocs and our futures, I was
wondering is there any other option after a Ph.D.

	I did a so called soso Ph.D i.e a Ph.D with only one paper, i did a year
of postdoc and had a pretty bad experience. So now I am finally without a

I took sometime off to "think what to do with my life", and came up with no
answers except that:
  I don't want to completely change my field. 
  I don't want to run my own lab.

But what else can I do except a postdoc!!!

Any ideas would be welcomed


 major snips follows

S L Forsburg <forsburg at> wrote in article
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> > Julia wrote:
> >  
> .  But most days I'm too
> tired to notice
> them.  I have a lot of ideas.  I'd like to try a few of them.  I think
> all my training
> can make a contriubtion to knowledge.  But it's still not clear whether
> I'll be allowed to make it.
> -- feeling cynical today,
> -susan
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