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Judith Gibber (jrg43 at columbia.edu) wrote:

: [description of summer research internships] 

: Announcements for these programs are generally sent to Bio Depts and 
: Career Services in Dec/Jan.  If your school doesn't post such
: announcements on bulletin boards, you can search for information 
: about them on the Web.  Do a search on terms like REU, Research Experience
: for Undergraduates, SURF, Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship, SURP,
: Summer Undergraduate Research Program.
: A few sites set up links to a variety of these programs, for example:
:  http://www.life.uiuc.edu/hughes/researchopps/researchopps.dir.html
:  gopher://gopher.mtholyoke.edu:2772/11m/mhc/internship/databases/
:                sciences/bio.txt

Here's NIH's site for summer undergraduate fellowships at NIH, which are
available for pre-college, college, graduate students, and for
post-undergraduate students planning on applying to professional schools. 


In general, deadlines are March 1st, but some institutes have
earlier deadlines. Applications for the Summer internship program
are accepted starting November 15th, and decisions are made by
Institutes, on a rolling basis.

The FAQ states that approximately 2500 students apply, and about
1000 enter the program (although the 1000 include returning students).

In addition, some laboratories will accept students who are
willing to volunteer.

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