British PhDs (was:postdocs to faculty)

Jenny Wilkinson jwilkinson at
Sun Aug 17 17:23:06 EST 1997

> While I'm at it: what is the general time to PhD in other systems than 
> Canada and the US?  Do you think the time is justified?

In Australia the minimum time for a PhD is 3 years and the max 6 if 
you are full time.  Last lot of data I saw had an average of 4 years 
from start to finish for a PhD.  Scholarship and awards for financial 
help during the PhD are usually for 3 years and then extensions can 
be applied for.  As for whether this time is justified - I've never 
really thought about it, I certainly didn't feel I needed longer but 
I guess it depends on how the system is set up. 


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