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>Even if some of the problem is solved at postdoc level, it will just get
>moved up
>to the next level.  There's already a tendency for institutions of
>higher ed. to
>use the non-tenured as disposable employees to carry the burden of
>away from the tenured.
Susan-This has happened at my alma mater (Cornell).  The Division of
Nutritional Sciences, which used to be one of the premier depts in the
country, is no longer hiring tenure track faculty.  They hire instructors
as glorified postdocs for 3-year stints, then discard them like Kimwipes. 
The budget cuts from NY State had much to do with it.  It's very sad, but
I can no longer recommend Cornell as a possible grad school for students. 
If there is no new blood coming into a dept, it will eventually get


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