Re. postdocs ...

Bart Janssen bjanssen at
Mon Aug 18 17:29:29 EST 1997

Julia Frugoli wrote:

> This tells me two things:
> 1) NIH thinks that <26K is not a reasonable wage, yet they pay that
> when
> they can get away with it.
> 2) NIH considers people with PhDs and publications less valuable than
> people with MDs who are blurry on how to set up a good experiment.
> I'm sure I've insulted all the MDs and half of NIH, so I'll go get my
> asbestos underwear, but I wanted to make the point that if we look at
> policy, it's not just "society" at large that doesn't value a research
> PhD-it's NIH itself!

cynical pithy mode on:

And the directors of the NIH have which degree MD or PhD???????


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