Any options besides a postdoc?

Karen Allendoerfer ravena at
Mon Aug 18 12:39:40 EST 1997

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Natarajan Sundaresan <Sundarbindu at> wrote:
>	I did a so called soso Ph.D i.e a Ph.D with only one paper, i did a year
>of postdoc and had a pretty bad experience. So now I am finally without a
>I took sometime off to "think what to do with my life", and came up with no
>answers except that:
>  I don't want to completely change my field. 
>  I don't want to run my own lab.
>But what else can I do except a postdoc!!!

There is a lot of variety in postdocs, I think.  One thing that I would
suggest (and that I'm thinking about doing myself) is to try a postdoc
in the biotech industry.  Look at some of the biotech web pages (i.e.
Genentech, Amgen, Regeneron, Athena Neurosciences, Chiron would be 
good choices for my field.  I don't know what
your field is).  Get in touch with a headhunter.  In industry your job
may involve more doing experiments and less chasing money.  I also think
that it's less likely that you'll have to "run your own lab" in the same
way that academics do.  

A postdoc in industry would be a way to get a sense of what working in
industry is like, and give you some industrial experience towards a
"real job."


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