Any options besides a postdoc?

Laurel Spear Bernstein lbernstein at
Tue Aug 19 13:42:31 EST 1997

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> Natarajan Sundaresan <Sundarbindu at> wrote:
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> >       I did a so called soso Ph.D i.e a Ph.D with only one paper, i did a year of postdoc and had a pretty bad experience. So now I am finally without a job.
I took sometime off to "think what to do with my life", and came up with
no answers except that:
> >  I don't want to completely change my field.
> >  I don't want to run my own lab.
> >
> >But what else can I do except a postdoc!!!

There are LOTS of careers in science that are "beyond the bench". Check
out Science's Next Wave ( for starters- in particular
the "new niches" feature on careers. I am a patent agent and have been
doing biotech patent law for 6 yr- I got this job (though I wasn't an
agent then) directly from a postdoc and never looked back. It is great
for someone who likes to talk and write science. I get to see all the
great results (and none of the duds) and I don't have to get my hands

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