British PhDs (was:postdocs to faculty)

Dr S Gibson sag at
Wed Aug 20 14:41:48 EST 1997


i finished my PhD in Scotland (the UK) in 1994. This 4 year thing was 
implemente by one of the grant awarding bodies, what happens is that a 
student receives a grant for 3 years of study but has to submit there 
thesis within 4 years, or else the instutute/department/supervisor that 
there work was for is disqualified from receiving a grant for another 
student for a certain amount of time.  Fine in practise but for the 
student it means after 3 years you have no funding and are left to write 
up your PhD whilst unemployed, as many employers make it a condition that 
you must have finished writting up.
I dont mean to make it sound grim, but it can be for some. personally i 
was lucky i had a fair  boss, a great time and all went well.  im now 
doing the post doc  bit, and find all the negative coments from overseas 
very discouraging.  I wouldnt say our system is much different, maybe its 
just my attitude that is. 

Dr S

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