Sorry and Lets Move On? What do we do about this?

Sabine Dippel sabine at
Thu Aug 21 01:14:36 EST 1997

Just some thoughts on the topic of making "the general public" aware 
of the importance of science. 
I think it would also be important to make them aware of what the 
financial and personal situation of scientist really is. I think
hardly anyone out of science knows about the amount of money post-docs
earn. At least that's my experience - to see how shocked people who have
regular jobs (here in Germany often without having gone to University, 
but having done an apprenticeship) are when I mention typical salaries.
These people also usually have permanent jobs - which they find the normal
thing to have. When I tell them that a 5 year contract (wow, that would 
be heaven) is the best I can get, and besides I am expected to move around
to broaden my horizon, these friends think I must be completely crazy. 

So I guess it is important do do both - raise consciousness of why 
research is important, and for the present job situtation.


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