Sorry and Lets Move On? What do we do about this?

Chiu Kit Mui kchiu at ITSA.UCSF.EDU
Thu Aug 21 14:23:15 EST 1997

On 21 Aug 1997, Sabine Dippel wrote:

> Just some thoughts on the topic of making "the general public" aware 
> of the importance of science. 
> I think it would also be important to make them aware of what the 
> financial and personal situation of scientist really is. I think
> hardly anyone out of science knows about the amount of money post-docs
> earn. At least that's my experience - to see how shocked people who have
> regular jobs (here in Germany often without having gone to University, 
> but having done an apprenticeship) are when I mention typical salaries.
> These people also usually have permanent jobs - which they find the normal
> thing to have. When I tell them that a 5 year contract (wow, that would 
> be heaven) is the best I can get, and besides I am expected to move around
> to broaden my horizon, these friends think I must be completely crazy. 
> So I guess it is important do do both - raise consciousness of why 
> research is important, and for the present job situtation.
> Sabine
Why don't we just do something (take our action) to do what Sabine
suggested - to raise the consciousness of why research is important and
the worse situation we have now!!!  I am kind of sick and tired sitting
here and reading all these complains.  We should really do something to
change it.  May be we should organize ourselves and have some volunteers
write some articles to the media, journals, TV, etc......  Let's just do
it.  This group is not a group therapy.

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