Sorry and Lets Move On? What do we do about this?

Karen Allendoerfer ravena at
Thu Aug 21 16:21:49 EST 1997

In article <Pine.A41.3.95.970821121928.70860A-100000 at>,
Chiu Kit Mui <kchiu at ITSA.UCSF.EDU> wrote:
>Why don't we just do something (take our action) to do what Sabine
>suggested - to raise the consciousness of why research is important and
>the worse situation we have now!!!

Good idea!  Can you be specific?  What action do you suggest we take?
I think you might have been the person who suggested emailing President
Clinton.  I have emailed President Clinton on a number of issues, such as 
the Salvage Logging Rider and the Religious Freedom Amendment.  I have
received a nice response from the White House Autoresponder in return, each
time.  Perhaps someone, somewhere is counting.  If anyone wants to email
President Clinton, s/he can do so at president at, or, there
is a form that you can fill out (from the white house web page):.

It doesn't cost much, but frankly, my experience with these other issues
has made me rather skeptical that it does much good.

  I am kind of sick and tired sitting
>here and reading all these complains. 

May I suggest your delete key?

 We should really do something to
>change it.  May be we should organize ourselves and have some volunteers
>write some articles to the media, journals, TV, etc......  Let's just do
>it.  This group is not a group therapy

It seems to me that this group is what its participants need it to be.  If
people want to vent, who am I to tell them not to?  I am feeling rather
put off by both your tone and your general lack of useful suggestions.
Would you volunteer to write an article as you suggested?  Maybe after you
have, you could post it to the group and get our thoughts on how it reads
and where to send it.


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