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Deb Britt Deborah_Britt at
Fri Aug 22 14:05:11 EST 1997

In a recent post Bharathi Jagadeesh said:

"I also have a somewhat amusing, but mostly frightening factoid:
Does anyone else think that about 5% of women believe they're
in the top 5%, but that about 60% of men do?"

This reminds me of something an established female researcher recently
told me:  that women ask for 40% (!!) less money on their NIH grant
proposals than men do.  Do we do cheaper research? manage money more
effectively?  underestimate the value of our work?  I know on my next
grant application I am not going to try to be frugal!

Deb Britt

Deborah Britt, Ph.D.
Department of Medical Oncology
Rhode Island Hospital

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