science outreach

S. Boomer sarai at
Sat Aug 23 16:08:37 EST 1997

Hi Karen and others,
	I have certainly noticed a growing number of such programs and
positions for such programs that PhDs have been getting (I suppose that is
an alternate career!).  One of the small grants I have been reading about
(through something called the Research Corporation) says they will give
small university/college labs money if they offer, say, 6-week "research
science" experiences to high school teachers in the summer.  I thought
this was sort of interesting given I am going to be doing small research
at a small university and that the university's main major is education
(and that my summers are technically "off" - the ideal time to do some
research.  Does anyone out there have experience with such a grant?  If
so, let me know.
	Otherwise, I found it interesting to consider, especially given my
views on shifting science education down to the public level even as a
university prof - as a way to do outreach while still doing academics.  


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