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> Rae,
> This was a very supportive and informative post, but you inadvertently
> tripped a pet peeve of mine-  I would not say these people have "left
> science." They may not be at the bench, but they are very much still in
> science. Graduate students and postdocs in science have been taught for
> too long that there is only one way to do science, i.e., at the bench.
> We are finally beginning to get beyond that- so let's keep it up!
> Laurel
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OOPS!  I meant academic (as in the traditional grant/teaching/committee
work rat race) science.  You're completely correct-- the alternative
careers I gave are simply different ways of actually staying in
science.  Hopefully, NIH will redefine what they think is "success" at
training-- right now, it's considered a "failure" if your trainee ends
up in any of these alternative careers. 

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