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|> > ut this is completely crazy! That way my advisor would be a complete 
|> > failure, since only 2 out of 10 students of his so far remained in 
|> > academic science. All the others got well-paying jobs in industry which 
|> > they are happy in. I would rather call it a success, because 2 out of 10 
|> > students may actually find academic positions in the long run as well, 
|> > while all 10 would never be able to do so (assuming that for every advisor
|> > things would go like this). Do these people know nothing about growth 
|> > processes???!!!!
|> > 
|> > Sabine,
|> > who takes every opportunity to escape from writing the most important
|> > chapter in her thesis, and thus adds her 0.02$ to nearly everything 
|> > posted here....
|> Let me clarify again-- It's OK with NIH if your trainee continues doing
|> scientific research (industry or academic setting), but it's not OK if
|> they go to law school (patent lawyer), scientific journalism, tech
|> transfer etc.  

The people I was talking about did not continue doing research. They work
in banks, consulting firms, for Lufthansa, for Procter & Gamble (not doing
research there) etc. As long as they like their jobs, and as long as the
companies that hired them were actually looking for science PhDs (which they
were), I still do not see anything wrong with it. So I think I did not 
misunderstand you...
As far as NIH is concerned, in fact these people earn quite a lot of 
money and thus pay a lot of taxes - which in turn pay NIH at some point 
(or am I wrong here - I'm not sure I really know what NIH is).


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