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: degree) without a single lab course! (insert stunned amazment here).  By
: the way one of those people who did a degree without lab work got his
: BSc at Caltech.

It is simply not possible to get a BS at Caltech without taking
a laboratory course. Several laboratory classes and electives
are required (including a chemistry lab for everyone, and physicists,
for example, are required to take at least 3 different lab courses).

In addition, most students at Caltech work in a laboratory
for some period of their undergraduate degree.

I think that there is a difference in the average coursework,
courseload carried by undergraduates at American universities,
and those in other industrialized nations, but this is
because 25% of Americans (aged 24-64, or 24-34) go to, and
obtain undergraduate degrees. In other industrialized nations
(except Japan) it's 7-14%. Japan's rate is comperable to
the United States, but because of a higher rate of college
attendence for men; women actually attend college at a much
lower rate.

Caltech, BS, Biology, '87.

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