British PhDs (was:postdocs to faculty)

Amanda Kesner kesner at
Wed Aug 27 14:44:33 EST 1997

I couldn't help but give my 2 cents on this topic:

Only 30 hours a week?!?  At MIT (okay, I _KNOW_ it's not the typical US
university, but...) the average courseload was 48 units a semester.  My
last semester at MIT, I took 69 units.  One unit is equal to one hour a
week spent in class, in lab, or preparing for class (homework, reading,
etc.); so, 48 units is 48 hours a week doing school work, not to mention
jobs, social life, etc. (I, myself, worked 20-30 hours a week on top of
that 48 hours.)  In addition, EVERYONE at MIT has to take some type of lab
course, be it in a bio lab or in the computer lab or student teaching at a
high school, everyone has to do it. 


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