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Sabine Dippel (sabine at wrote:
: So you are not labeled too strongly in 5th grade -- sure, kids are sorted
: into different school types, but they can always change - which a certain 
: percentage does. Pretty much the only problem with this sorting is probably
: the social component - you do end up finding particular sorts of people in 
: the different school types - so as far as social diversity goes, I guess 
: american schools score much better.

Not necessarily...everyone may go to high school, but within a high school
not everyone takes the same classes.  Tracking into honors, non-honors,
remedial, regents, college prep, vocational, etc. (depending on where you
live and how your district is set up) starts in elementary school.  I was
in an honors program of some sort from the fourth grade onward.  In my
high school, which was 51% black and 49% white, there were only one or two
black students in my class (300 people) taking advanced and A.P. classes
(compared to 40 or 50 white students).
I can't speak for this situation in non-Southern states, but an integrated
high school does not necessarily mean integrated classrooms!


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