British PhDs (was:postdocs to faculty)

Bart Janssen bjanssen at
Thu Aug 28 14:27:45 EST 1997

Catherine Sarisky wrote: Bart,

> There's more to consider there than just the number of hours in
> classes and
> labs, if you want to compare work loads.  How many hours were spent
> outside of
> class on homework and reading?  I've seen classes in which the student
> was
> expected to put in as much as 10 hours a week outside of the class
> (homework,
> studying for exams, etc), and others where almost no time was required
> outside
> of class.  Are these two classes equivalent since they have the same
> number of
> in class (and lab) hours?

I know different students spend differing amounts of time outside
"official" hours.  That's why I didn't try to compare total hours just
the "official" hours.  Sure in NZ we were all told that for every hour
in a lab or lecture we would need to budget an hour of study or
assignment time.  Some spent all that time others didn't.


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