update from "suicide watch"

Cheryl Wilen cawilen at pacbell.net
Fri Aug 29 21:34:29 EST 1997

About a month ago some of you responded to my request for help with a
faculty member friend of mine. I really appreciate all of your responses
and suggestions and used them to help her. As a follow up, I wanted to
let you know that somehow, she decided to see a psychiatrist and get
back on medication. She is still shakey but I think she sees some future
in her life. It hasn't been easy on her or me and I don't know who else
she confided in but I think it was worth it.
At any rate, I think it's a red flag for all of us who deal with a
sometimes unpredictable university systems and also have to perform at
levels when we really have no clue about where those levels are, that
the stress of getting to Asso. level can be overwhelming. I think that
sometimes graduate students don't really know what it takes to run a lab
and research program and walk into a faculty position with the attitude
of "all I have to do is publish X papers in Y years". When reality hits,
apparently it can hit pretty hard.
Again, thanks for all of your help and concern. I hope none of you have
to go through what my friend (or I) went through.

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