Food Additives

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Food Additives

This information is specifically for dogs and cats, but it
applies to all pets and all animals. It's even a good idea
for children and grown-ups!!

The average dog consumes 26 pounds of preservatives
each year. The purpose of preservatives is to give pet
foods a longer shelf life, which translates into higher profits
for the pet food manufacturer.

The chief preservatives used in pet foods are Ethoxyquin,
BHA, BHT, Propyl Gallate and Propyl Glycol. 

Some dangerous preservatives in people food are:
BHA, BHT, Yellow #6, Blue #1, Blue #2 and

We are now seeing the harmful effects of the overdose
of preservatives (read poisons) on our pets. Allergy and 
dry skin are the lesser evils. Tumors and cancer are the worse.

Although Ethoxyquin (the worst) was invented by Monsanto as a 
rubber stabilizer, it is also used as an herbicide and an insecticide
as well as a preservative. Monsanto's own Safety Data Report lists
it as a hazardous chemical which may cause skin and eye irratations, 
gross changes in the liver, kidneys and thyroid, and reduction in the
survival of offspring. Ethoxyquin is banned in Australia.

BHA, BHT, Yellow #6, Blue #1 and Blue #2 are used mostly in cereals,
candy, potato chips and beverages. Saccharin is used in diet products.
All of these preservatives have been shown to cause cancer in people.
Keep yourself and your child away from candy, junk foods and soda, which
contain more than their share of this stuff!!

Read the labels on your pet foods. Stay clear of the chemicals mentioned

We have two dogs, a Great Dane and a Chow, and three cats. We use
Purina Dog Chow for the dogs and Purina Cat Chow (Special Care) for the 
cats. Purina uses vitamin E as a preservative in both of these products.

There are other brands that are good too, but don't be fooled. I observed
that several of the expensive, super-premium pet foods use Ethoxyquin!
(For example, NutroMax and Eukanuba, classified as super-premium and
very expensive, both use Ethoxyquin as a preservative. Figure that out!)

Kibbles 'N Bits, an economy dog food, uses Ethoxyquin, BHA and Propyl Glycol. 
Propyl Glycol, by the way, is used to manufacture anti-freeze. (Have you ever
of a dog or cat dying after licking anti-freeze spilled on the drive-way?)

Good Luck With Your Wonderful Pet Or Animal Friend!

And Good Luck With Your Health And The Health
Of Your Children!!
Love, Karen & Debbie (Mom & Daughter)
Double-Barrelled Neat-O!
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