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The Scientist, a newspaper for professional scientists, has
a new issue out that focuses on issues important to women--
readers of women-in-bio might be interested in the 
following items:
>News: Female Leaders Of Science Report Cracks In Glass Ceiling 
>News: Foundations Addressing Gender Gap In Science 
>News: Policies To Stop Tenure Clock Support Family Life 
>News: Women Make Their Mark As Top Executives In Biotech
>Commentary: Women For Science For Women 
>Profession: Women Scientists Stress Need For Visibility At  Conferences 

It is online at

You may recall one of their reporters posted a request for
info here on women in bio a while back.  Needless to say,
I'm not affiated with this publication;  just drawing
your attention to some interesting articles!

One of the points I find interesting is something I've observed
elsewhere (for example, in the NAS/NAE book on mentoring): 
there is a tendency to think that things are sorted out in
life sciences because we have such a good representation of women
students relative to physical sciences such as chemistry and
physics.  However, IMHO in biology the shortage has just been
pushed to the upper levels, because even though women may
more likely to do a degree in biology, they often "drop out" 
at the level of getting jobs, especially academic jobs.

Another point I found interesting is the suggestion that women in 
industry, especially a young industry like biotech, may have 
an easier time getting recognized than women in academe.

Check it out and post your comments!
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