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>In response to the question "why don't gifted students benefit from >helping/tutoring other students?":

I tutored most of the HS career and it's made me the person I am today. 
I have success stories and I also had horror stories. It allowed me to 
reach out and help a fellow student, sometimes even a friend. I credit 
those experiences to why I long to go back to school and get my 
certification to teach in HS rather than do the academia/research track. 
And yes, I was a gifted student all through school. I think that the 
benefits are different for each person. Also our tutoring program had a 
vigorous interview/application process. I really got to know it my 
senior year when I was office assistant for the woman running the 

I was willing and wanted to inspire other students to take pride in 
their work. Sometimes it worked and sometimes, well, you know.
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