that first "real" job and getting promoted

JuneKK junekk at
Thu Dec 4 07:38:02 EST 1997

Susan Forsburg wrote:
>>Part of this, I have come to believe, reflects the sort of
>>mentoring support that the men receive, both in being >>encouraged in their
efforts to get a job, and in the >>mentor making the calls necessary to push
their >>candidacy. Women are just not plugged in the same way.   >>Another part
reflects a higher probability that women >>won't put up with the blatant
favoritism and the >>heirarchical culture of science. Which justends up
>>supporting the status quo.

Interesting...I'm curious as to whether you perceive a difference in the
effectiveness of mentoring between   women and men mentors-- that those who are
studying under women mentors are less apt to succeed because they do not have
the same network/support?

I wonder if this has anything to do with a recent finding that women who study
under women mentors have a higher rate of attrition in science than those
studying under men mentors; reported at the time as being because
(paraphrasing): "women see the lifestyle of women mentors and the fact they
have no life, etc..."  (I remember seeing this in the Random Samples section of
 Science earlier this year, although I don't recall the authors of the study
just now...)


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