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Karen Wheless kwheless at rockland.net
Wed Dec 3 21:49:26 EST 1997

> So actually I'm not quite sure what my point here is, except that maybe
> bright students who perform well at the grade school level can be pressured
> into pursuing careers (by well-meaning people) that aren't always right for
> them. Has anyone observed this?

This is sort of along the same lines - I always did well in all my
classes, tested about equally in verbal and math, and could never decide
what to do for a career.  And I was usually bored in class.  The only
class I remember taking in high school that REALLY challenged me was AP
Chemistry, I had to work to get B's instead of coasting with A's.  I was
so excited by that that I ended up going on to major in chemistry, even
though it was probably one of my weaker subjects.  I don't regret it
exactly, but I always consider it ironic that I chose my career based on
the class and teacher who gave me my worst grade.

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