ATTN: bionet.women-in-bio now moderated for spam

BIOSCI Administrator biosci-help at
Sat Dec 6 12:26:52 EST 1997

Dear bionet.women-in-bio readers,

As previewed in a message posted here 26 September,
bionet.women-in-bio/WOMENINBIOLOGY has been changed from an
unmoderated newsgroup to a newsgroup moderated for spam (only).

"Spam" messages are, at the very least, distracting to the scientific
discussions which the Biosci newsgroups are designed to facilitate.
We have therefore instituted a combination of software and human
review to filter out the most egregious cases.

The policy we will follow under "automoderation for spam" is outlined
in the 26 September message.  Since we value diversity of opinion in
scientific communications, and recognize that our efforts are
unavoidably subject to both Type I and Type II errors, we aim to err
on the side of allowing arguably scientifically relevant
communications to be posted.

One last thing: We believe we have fixed all the bugs in our spam
filtering program, but we are often overly optimistic about such
things. Therefore, if you encounter problems posting to this
newsgroup, you should assume that it is a software problem rather than
deliberate filtering. Please send messages to biohelp at
about the problem you are encountering and try to include a copy of
any error messages you may have gotten back from the biosci mailer.

Serge Taylor
Biosci Administrator
Stanford University Libraries

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