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I may be throwing a curve ball into these overlapping threads-- AP, Groups,
etc,  but  one of the most remarkable educational experiences that I ever
had was at a small Catholic women's college--Immaculate Heart College in
Los Angeles.    The sisters were all  Ph.D's in their various subject
fields.  These ladies did not hold back.  The best chem course I ever had
was from Sister Agnes Ann Green (Ph.D., Stanford).  I look back  at this
year as an exciting intelllectual year.  The students were extremely
competitive, the sisters demanded the best.  Yes, I know it was it the late
40"s  but I have kept up with the IHC graduates and they are outstanding
scholars and producers in their various fields.   I transferred at the
sophomore year to another university because  I was kicked out for smoking
in the alley.    Several years later, the Cardinal shut the college down
because the Sisters of IHC were just too much for him.  Tragedy.

The question is whether or not a small women's college of high quality can
exist  and produce the level of women that I see on this list.       Mills
College in California seems to have this potential.  The grads voted to
keep Mills as women only  several years ago  amidst controversy.

Mary Ann

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